TR@KNTU: a research group @ K. N. T. U

Nowadays, we are faced with  data explosion on the web. The data are electronically distributed and are represented in different formats. The hardness is to find a relatively few truly relevant information from the wide number of identified resources.

The Text Retrieval reseach Group at K. N. Toosi  University of Technology  is a team of faculty, students and programmers  who work together on algorithms that allow computers to retrieve and process texts extracted from web and social media. Our work is in the areas of information retrieval, data mining, social network analysis and applied machine learning on large-scale web data, with applications to search engines, sentiment mining, and text analytics.

Information Retrieval: Ranking models, query expansion, query seggestion, query auto completion,  Web search optimisation.

Learning to Rank:  Dynamic online ranking evaluation for web search using online learning from machine learning.

Web Science: Emerging challenges in web-mediated data exchange, such as social media platforms and archiving initiatives.

Text Analytics: Topic, aspect and trend mining from web and social networks using graph, statistical and linguistic analysis.

Deep Learning for Text: LSTM, Stacked autoencoders , Recurrent neural networks for text understanding and retrieval.

Social Network analysis: Community detection, trend detection and  so on.